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One of the best things about being a student is the freedom; the freedom to travel. Holland is probably one of the most best places when it comes to travelling. Not only can you travel within Holland, drive from one side to the other in a day. Holland is also smack in the middle of Europe – you can go anywhere! College Life wants to bring that free spirit out of you and give you the best destinations and travel tips.

In the Travelling Section of the College Life Magazine, you can browse multiple different topics. Read about the best destinations within Holland that you can bring your bike to or simply take a train ride to. Holland has some of the best beaches, cultural towns and city adventures in Europe! In addition to getting to know your campus and city, get to know the rest of Holland.

What’s better than flying to a new destination after your exams? We have the best cheap holiday destinations. Whenever you have a free time, why not get away from a weekend and explore a new city. In Travelling, you can find out our top destinations and best holiday deals. And you don’t have to fly far away to get the most out of travelling. You can also find great destinations next door, with cities in France and Germany just a train ride away.

College Life knows that finances are one of the top struggles of any student. However, travelling doesn’t mean spending all your savings. In this Magazine category, you can find posts relating to finding the cheapest and best holidays, and where to go and what to do. What’s more, you can read about the best travel sites and see how we would use them.

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