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Finding somewhere to live is the first step. Having a great time there is the second. Every time you come home from a long day of class, or a night out, you want to come home to your perfect getaway. That’s why there’s more to living than just renting your apartment. From apartment hunting to college roommates to your ultimate student accommodation packing list, College Life has your back.

Under Housing, you can browse topics related to housing in the Netherlands. Specifically, housing for international students. Let’s start with getting started. Ever wondered what exactly you need to bring with you to your first student apartment? Read about checklists, essentials you need to get, and how to navigate your time living alone. We also cover the more practical aspects of accommodation. For instance, you can find out more about insurances and other sort of financial cover that you might need. Or, read about the best advice on how to manage your utilities and save some money on your monthly bills. Things like allowances, and applying for them, are also on the list of topics. Our top priority is to let you know how to maximise your living situation.

What’s more, we have the best of lifestyle when it comes to student accommodation. Get the low-down on your roommates; we are here to help with any sticky situation. What types of roommates will every student have? How can you make this year the best housing year yet?Also, we dive headfirst into your future, because it’s always a good idea to stay ahead of the game. How do you decide what type of living situation you want to have next year? You can read about all of that, and more, here.

Make your next housing move with College Life. We’ll do the heavy lifting.

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