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Students tend to have busy schedules. We are talking about classes, projects, seminars and extracurriculars. But that doesn’t mean you have to skip on all the fun stuff. Culture & entertainment is a huge deal; this is where your Dutch experience comes in. Studying and living in a new culture means all the more experiences. Whether it’s about college life, campus living or what to do in Holland, we’ve got it covered.

In Culture & Entertainment, you can find posts covering a whole spectrum of topics. For example, read about things to do in your free time, like the top college movies you need to watch. You can also find topics relating to everyday student life and what it’s like studying at a Dutch campus. Basically, every students guide to being a true student.

International students especially need the best guides when it comes to experiencing Holland. After all, College Life knows exactly what international students want to read about. What about Dutch history and culture? We have guides to the best Dutch art museums and Dutch foods you need to try. We have the best tips and advice on where to go and what to see. In Culture & Entertainment, we also bring you topics like nightlife and other student activities. How do you have the best Dutch night out? What’s freshman week like?

We also know that being a student can mean juggling multiple aspects of life, all at once. That’s why College Life is here to help you make this your best year yet. Here, you can also find topics like figuring out the best morning routine for you or the importance of staying healthy. You might also find posts about situations we can all relate to, like embracing our internationalism.

College should be a good experience; we are here to make it great.

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