Find Out How to Stay Ahead of the Career Game

Being a working student and having a career in college doesn’t have to be hard. It takes the perfect balance, drive and coordination. Having a career doesn’t need to start after your graduation; it can start now. We can tell you how to get all of that and stay one step ahead of the career game. Want to find out more about keeping up with your career whilst still in school? College Life has you covered.

In the Career section of the Student Magazine, you can read about anything and everything relating to careers. Whether it be starting your own business or finding a part-time job, every post here is a valuable piece of advice. We have the best tips on finding the right job for you to figuring out how to ace your experiences. Read articles catered to students looking for part-time jobs or internships, as well as recent graduates wanting to find their first job.

In this section, you can also read more about the practicalities of working as a student. For example, if you want to find out more about the technicalities of labour law, this is the place to look. We cover a whole range of topics that you can also find in our Jobs pages. Here, we go into more detail and provide you with specific situations that apply to any working student. Most importantly, as an international student you need to know how to get started in Holland. Living abroad means following certain steps in order to make your journey smoother. This goes for taking out working insurance, applying for working permits, and making sure you have all the right documents.

Find out more about how to light a fire under your career and learn about the topics working students want to read about. Why wait?

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