Finding work as a student isn’t always easy. We make it easy.

Student jobs for internationals

Finding student jobs as an international wasn’t always easy – until now.

International students have a lot to offer. At College Life, we know this, and want to put your best foot forward. Between searching for internships and part-time work in English, speaking Dutch can seem like a disadvantage. At College Life, we have a Job Board designed exclusively for international students. Here, you can find a range of student jobs, all designed for internationals.

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Our student job board has a list of vacant job opportunities from a large variety of employers, including start-ups, SME’s, and larger corporations. Because there is such a large scope of jobs for both current students and recent graduates, we are compiling a list of these opportunities and presenting them to you through a simple & clean job board. There are three job types you can select from: internships, part-time and entry-level. As a student, you can search, browse, read and apply for jobs.

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With the College Life Job Board, you are forwarded directly to the company. This means no no in-between searching, no mess and no extra hassle on your side.

College life has the only job board that is targeted specifically towards international students studying in Holland. Often, job boards are filled with vacancies for Dutch speaking nationals, and the choice for non-Dutch speakers is extremely limited.

As an employer, you can post jobs with specifications tailored for the type of employee you are looking for. You can find, recruit and hire current students and recent graduates.

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