Home Shopping: Make Your House More Homely

Living abroad and far away from family can be difficult, mostly if your new house does not have any decorations. In order to feel better about the move, it is always nice to decorate and make the place more personal. There are mamy home decor ideas online, but they can be expensive or quite far from your personal taste.

Here is a list of objects and home decor ideas to create a home away from home.


Candles are the number one object that needs to be in your house. With all the scents, colors, and shapes, there is a different candle for every mood, every season or every personality. The personal favorite is the Hema “Linen” candle: the smell of mimosa and violets makes your house or room smell like a flower field in the summer, and the sweet scent will make you feel perfectly comfortable in your new place.


White, empty walls can be daunting and incredibly depressing. Waking up and looking at a white space can make you feel cornered and lonely, a reminder of an old room. Cheerful posters with your favorite band, artist or just generally color picture can change everything. There are multiple home decor ideas for posters. You can even ask a friend to paint a personal picture, or print photos of your family and friends and make a collage by your wall. Nonetheless, there are so many ways to decorate your walls.


Real or fake, plants can add a bit of light to your room. Orchids might be the best choices: they stay alive for a while without water, so you don’t have to worry about keeping them alive if you are away for a weekend. Also, you can choose from multiple colors and have them make your house more cheerful. If real plants give you too much anxiety and fear, you can always buy fake ones or even some cacti. Just be careful to dust them every once in a while to make them still look vibrant and give a pop of color in your home.


Empty vases can be as beautiful as flowers, and you never know when someone might buy you some. Having vases, small or big, can add a personal touch to your room. Some days, you might want to buy some sunflowers or tulips during the spring.  You can get some beautiful vases in Hema, or Kruidvat, or a beautiful decorating shop is Dille & Kamille: with the beautiful home decor, you have a lot of choices and can find the perfect vase or flower for you.

There are many things to do to make yourself feel at home. Sometimes it is hard to be far away from your family, but these small tips can help you enjoy your stay. If you don’t want to spend too much money on home decor, there is no reason to worry. There are many cheap places in the Netherlands that you can visit to make your home perfect with a small amount of money.

So, go ahead and start decorating your house to make it your home!     

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